Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Television White Space Technology to Provide Long-Range Wireless Connectivity Up To 8 km

The Ammbr Foundation has released details on a long-range wireless technology that will make the Ammbr mesh router capable of picking up signals from up to eight kilometers (5 miles). The key in this technology is tapping into unused frequencies known as television white space (TVWS). The Ammbr foundation intends to help connect the 4.1 billion people who don't have Internet connections, through the implementation of innovative technology that allows improved connections in rural areas and over longer distances.
TVWS technology can operate in conditions where line-of-site is not possible due to obstructions such as vegetation and walls. Theoretical calculations show that a 600-MHz TV white space signal can cover 16 times as much area as a 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi signal. The technology will allow Ammbr routers to extend their range up to 8 km, provide a much wider coverage footprint and allow the devices to reach neighbouring routers in areas not possible before TVWS.