Thursday, March 2, 2017

Are Today's Cameras Cybersecure?

Are Today's Cameras Cybersecure? 10 Tips to Avoid Camera Hacking

We’ve all heard about the dangers of hacking into computers and smart devices, as well as cyberthieves stealing credit and debit card information. But have you though specifically about the hacking of the built-in camera in each of those devices?

Here’s the thing: If your device is connected to the internet, then your device’s camera is at risk for being hacked. And it’s not just computers—it’s cameras such as baby monitors or security cameras.

Plenty of experts and insiders use a low-tech way of helping to block camera and microphone access: They simply cover the camera lens or mic port with tape. Beyond that simple, cheap method, though, there are a number of best practices that can help build better security around your camera. That includes super-strong passwords (no “1234” please) as well as up-to-date software, which may solve security lags.


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