Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pa. landlord accused of taping mom, kids

HAZELTON, Pa. — A Pennsylvania landlord who police say used a surveillance camera hidden in a bathroom vanity to record a mother and her two children has been arrested.

Christopher Shenyo, of Sheppton, faces charges including sexual abuse of children and invasion of privacy.

Hazelton police say Shenyo recorded the woman and children showering and using the toilet at their Hazelton rental property.

Forty-year-old Shenyo was arraigned Tuesday and is being held at the Luzerne County Prison because he couldn’t post bail.

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Yes, cameras and listen devices are still planted in washrooms and bathrooms by voyeurs. They can be hidden in a public restroom, an office washroom, a hotel bathroom and even in rented property bathrooms as in the story above. If you are responsible for security for a restaurant, hotel, business or rental property, you should not overlook the potential for the property to be compromised by hidden cameras. Once privacy is compromised, it can damage to your brand and lead to lawsuits. A physical inspection for hidden cameras, cell phones, and other recording devices in washroom and bathrooms should be conducted on a regular basis. And, if there is suspicion of electronic eavesdropping, call ComSec. Our bug sweep experts detect electronic eavesdropping devices that are well hidden and/or passive until activated. 

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