Friday, November 6, 2015

Old-school espionage is on the rise

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A pivotal operation in the lead up to D-Day during World War II was a deception plan using dummy airfields and landing craft to mask the actual Allied landing sites. While the tools of modern warfare may have rendered such a ploy seemingly obsolete, 21st century advances such as CCTV, HD satellites and drone technology are actually reviving a new era of classic espionage. 

“There has been a drastic paradigm shift in this regard,” Fred Burton, vice president of Intelligence for Texas-based global intelligence company Stratfor told “The challenges posed by the digital age have led to a return to old-school tradecraft.”

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What some would consider "old-school" tradecraft is very effective in penetrating an organization and capturing valuable corporate information or technology.  HUMINT, electronic eavesdropping and other non-cybersecurity related espionage methods often require much less technical expertise to accomplish in comparison to hacking a network, installing malware, etc. Bugging devices have become easier to use, inexpensive and the captured information can be collected remotely. The potential rewards for the eavesdropper increase at a much lower risk of being detected during retrieval of the captured information. If you suspect your corporate information is the target of spies, call us to discuss. Economic, industrial and nation-state sponsored espionage are on the rise. We can help you detect it and help you prevent future recurrence with our corporate TSCM services.

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