Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is Your Connected Home Spying on You For Criminals?

The Internet of Things is still at an early adoption stage, but it's already changing the way that we live our lives. 2008 was the year there were more devices online than people. By the year 2019, it's estimated that 1.9 billion devices that connect homes to the Internet will be in place. That's 1.9 billion opportunities for hackers to get into your home.

So What Is The Internet of Things?

Steve Weisman, a professor at Bentley University in Boston and the proprietor of, explains the Internet of Things as any device that's connected to the Internet. "Your fridge can tell you when it needs repairs," he says. "You can raise or lower the heat from afar. It can make a lot of things easier."

"The problem is that when most of these were developed, they didn't build in security," Weisman said, noting that last year, Hewlett-Packard Security Research found that most common "things" on the Internet of Things had security flaws. "90% of them used weak passwords and unencrypted wireless," Weisman added.

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