Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Harris showcases Signal Sentry 1000 solution that detects, locates GPS-jamming sources

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At the heart of many communications solutions is satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, which is used to provide location and timing information that helps automate and simplify multiple complex tasks. If GPS does not function properly, tasks like flying a plane or operating a shipping port become much more difficult, if not impossible.

Given this, the ability to detect GPS jamming and quickly locate the source can be vital to many critical-infrastructure operators. Harris last week exhibited at IACP 2015 in Chicago its Signal Sentry 1000 that provides this information in real time to critical-infrastructure operators, so they can quickly identify the jamming source and take steps to mitigate it, according to Joe Rolli, business development manager for the Harris precision navigation and timing business unit. 

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