Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mikveh-Peep Will Plead Guilty To Spying on 52 Women

Kesher Israel Cleric Cuts Deal With Prosecutors

Rabbi Barry Freundel reportedly plans to plead guilty to peeping on at least 52 women in the mikveh of his high-profile Orthodox synagogue in Washington D.C.
A lawyer for the disgraced rabbi said he will plead guilty to voyeurism as part of a deal with prosecutors, the Washington Post reported.
A hearing in the case was reportedly moved to a bigger courtroom and delayed until Thursday afternoon to allow more of Freundel’s victims to attend.
There was no immediate word on what punishment Freundel will face.
Freundel secretly videotaped at least 150 women in the ritual bath, prosectors reportedly told a meeting of victims.

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