Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Frmr. HHS cyber security head sentenced to 25 years in child porn ring

The former head of cyber security for the United States Department of Health and Human Services is going to prison for 25 years in an online child porn ring linked to a suburban Chicago native.

In 2012 when the FBI discovered a secret child pornography network in Nebraska, they could not have imagined where it would lead. Federal authorities found the anonymous network called "Tor" that was on the so-called dark net that could only be accessed by navigating through layers of security.
That investigation has resulted in prison for the man who was once a top federal lawman.
Timothy DeFoggi was in charge of cyber security for HHS, the federal agency responsible for protecting the health of all U.S. citizens.

But when DeFoggi was supposed to be protecting Americans, a federal jury found that he was pre-occupied with something else. He was part of a small group of men who were regulars on a nasty network that was accessible only via the dark side of the web, a secret place where wanna-be pedophiles converged.

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