Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Researchers have discovered that a commercial Windows-based spy program now comes equipped with capabilities for spying on Android devices as well.
GimmeRAT, a secondary component of Win-Spy, was spotted during an investigation into a targeted attack against a financial institution in the United States. Win-Spy is generally deployed against home PC users for remote monitoring and administration, but has also popped up in two separate targeted attacks.
“The Android tool has multiple components allowing the victim’s device to be controlled by another mobile device remotely over SMS messages or alternatively through a Windows-based controller,” said researchers at security company FireEye who discovered GimmeRAT. “The Windows-based controller is simplistic and requires physical access to the device.”
Remote access Trojans for Android are nothing new; Dendroid and AndroRAT are two that have been in circulation for some time. But this is the first time that a multiplatform Windows RAT featuring Android capabilities has been discovered.

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