Friday, December 7, 2012

Reports of Rampant Spying Amongst Chinese Officials

What a surprise! Can you believe it! ;-)

The Southern People Weekly magazine reported this week about a man who helps Chinese officials become bug-free. No, not bedbugs. The kind of bugs that can listen in on conversations and secretly videotape their lives. The article has generated considerable interest on the Chinese Internet, following recent exposés of officials caught in compromising positions with young girls. 
According to the Southern magazine, the man, known as Qi Hong, has removed more than 300 bugs from the cars, offices and bedrooms of more than 100 Chinese officials in 2011. In his busiest week, more than 40 were uncovered.
It’s hard to say who put the spy devices there, but the usual suspects include spouses, lovers and fellow communist comrades. 
To protect their private conversations, Qi Hong told reporters that officials would give each other pat downs—disguised as an embrace—to check for bugging devices. 

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