Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peeping Tom landlord spied on tenants in bathrooms, showers

Ever get that feeling you're being watched?

Well, at least one Iowa City woman was correct in that assumption when she learned that she someone was watching her through a hole in her ceiling while she was taking a shower.

That someone was her landlord.

Elwyn G. Miller, 63, of Iowa City, is accused of invasion of privacy for allegedly peeping on his female tenants while they were in their bathrooms. An Iowa City police complaint outlining the charge, a serious misdemeanor, does not indicate how many women Miller has spied on, or for how long, but police said Miller was looking in on several apartments on “multiple occasions.”

The investigation started when police were called to 639 S. Lucas St. for a report of someone peeping into a woman’s apartment. The woman, the sole occupant of the apartment unit, pointed out Miller as the person who was spying on her.

Police said Miller was watching the woman through a peep hole next to a vent fan.

Miller allegedly told police he was “not interested in them as persons,” but because they were women and naked.

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