Sunday, September 23, 2012

Report: Iran uncovered spying device disguised as rock at Fordow nuclear plant

A monitoring device disguised as a rock exploded last month when Iranian troops near Fordow nuclear plant disturbed it, the Sunday Times reported, citing Western intelligence sources.

According to the report, Iran's Revolutionary Guard were on patrol last month to check terminals connecting data and telephone links at the underground nuclear enrichment plant, when they saw the rock and tried to move it.

"Iranian experts who examined the scene of the explosion found the remains of a device capable of intercepting data from computers at the plant, where uranium is being enriched in centrifuges," said the report, "It is feared a significant source of intelligence may have been lost for the West."

Iran initially kept news of the explosion secret, the report said, but last week, Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani, the country's vice-president and head of its nuclear energy agency, revealed that explosives had been used to cut power lines from the nearby city of Qom to Fordow on August 17. A day later, he said, IAEA inspectors had asked for an unannounced visit to Fordow.

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