Wednesday, July 25, 2012

South Africa’s 1st Business Counterintelligence Conference

Corporate Business Insight Awareness (CBIA) is hosting a three-
day international conference on business counterintelligence. 17-19 September 2012

One of the key aims of the conference is to involve and to provide decision makers, managers, business unit leaders and those responsible for the protection of information in their organisations with the insight to understand business counterintelligence and how it differs from other streams of information
management practices.

Business espionage inflicts costs on companies that range from the loss of unique intellectual property to outlays for remediation. The conference wil take participants on an eye-opening journey regarding infor- mation protection issues. Attendees will gain a practical understanding of the value-added role counterintelligence plays in competitive strategy and the protection of business information.

Don't miss this important conference! 

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