Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Questions rise over Skype wiretapping

Microsoft has not given a straight answer about whether its Skype service can facilitate law enforcement wiretapping of conversations. Previously, the online chat service was so heavily encrypted that the company went on the record about not being able to participate with wiretapping.
But Skype just made a change to its technology, and some say the changes make it possible to intercept a call. But when asked, Microsoft didn't admit if wiretapping was possible. It told Slate that Skype "co-operates with law enforcement agencies as much as legally and technically possible."
Wiretapping has been a hot topic recently. As more conversations head online to social media or services like Skype, police have no way to listen into these calls. The FBI has been pushing for online services to build backdoors for government surveillance. And that's why there's the hunch that this change at Skype could be a step to help the FBI.
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