Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Mac malware eavesdrops on users, requires no password to install

Researchers have unearthed new malware that turns a Mac into a remote spying platform that is able to intercept e-mail and instant-message communications. The malware uses internal microphones and cameras to spy on people in the vicinity of the OS X machine.
Backdoor.OSX.Morcut, as antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab is calling it, isn't circulating widely, but its complexity is the latest testament to the growing sophistication of malware targeting the Apple platform. It requires no administrative password to be installed, survives reboots, and targets a wide variety of applications including Skype, Adium, and MSN Messenger.
"In short, if this malware managed to infect your Mac computer it could learn an awful lot about you, and potentially steal information which could read your private messages and conversations, and open your e-mail and other online accounts," according to a separate analysis published Thursday by antivirus firm Sophos.
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