Monday, June 4, 2012

Cyber Spy Program Flame Compromises Key Microsoft Security System

The cyber espionage super bug Flame compromised a key Microsoft security system, the company has now revealed, prompting Microsoft to issue an emergency patch to its millions of customers because of fears of what one expert called potential "collateral damage" from the U.S. and Israel's cyber war against Iran.

In an alert issued late Sunday, Microsoft told customers that the authors of Flame -- a highly sophisticated surveillance computer virus discovered on networks in the Middle East and Iran -- had figured out how to use Microsoft's own security system to forge digital security certificates, which then allowed the malicious code to spread undetected by anti-virus programs. Digital certificates are in part designed to authenticate interactions online and help protect computer networks from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Microsoft fixed the security breach, but was also forced to add the compromised certificates to its own growing list of "untrusted" certificates.

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