Friday, May 4, 2012

Taking Liberties: Cab driver isn't paranoid, the government IS watching him

Just because taxi driver Andre Olczak believes he’s being watched, doesn’t mean he’s paranoid
In fact, he’s not only being watched, he’s being monitored every second while he’s at work.
“It’s terrible,” he says as he drives his yellow cab on W. 48th St. in midtown Manhattan.
“They are constantly watching me.”
"They" are the TLC, or Taxi and Limousine Commission, the government body that licenses taxi drivers in New York City. In 2007, the TLC required all cabbies to install GPS or Global Positioning System devices to monitor their locations, speed and meters while they’re driving.
Olczak points out he came to the United States to escape the Communist regime in Poland.
“I came for freedom,” he says. “But this looks like Poland before [communism fell]."
Some cabbies are now challenging the monitoring device in court, saying it violates the Constitution.

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