Sunday, May 13, 2012

Industrial spies can have some common behavior, says FBI

Industrial spies operating inside U.S. corporations, who threaten the economy and possibly national security, exhibit some common traits while they’re stealing information that can expose them, according to the FBI.
Pointing to a collection of recent successful investigations of cases in which individuals inside corporations, such as DuPont and Detroit car makers, were prosecuted, the agency said in a “how to spot a possible insider threat” post on its Website that perpetrators can inadvertently tip off co-workers to their criminal activities.
Information and communications technology, the backbone of nearly every other technology is at risk from information spies from other countries, as is information about natural resources. Military technology --  particularly marine and unmanned aerial vehicle systems and civilian dual-use technology in sectors like clean energy, health care and agricultural technology are also particularly attractive targets, according to the FBI.
The agency said in its experience, industrial spies selling corporate secrets overseas often exhibit certain behaviors that co-workers could have picked up on ahead of time, possibly preventing the information breaches. It said many co-workers came forward only after the criminal was arrested and had they reported those suspicions earlier, the company’s secrets may have been kept safe.
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