Saturday, April 14, 2012

Casino Employee In Hidden Camera Lawsuit

A casino employee who claims to have been recorded undressing by a hidden video camera is suing her ex-employer for invasion of privacy, emotional distress and lost wages.
Kelle Ryan was working as a Players Club representative at the Island View Casino Resort in Gulfport, Mississippi and would regularly use the Players Club office to change clothes, along with other employees.
On one occasion, however, Kelle Ryan noticed a smoke detector in the office which didn’t seem to be working which, on closer examination, revealed a hidden camera underneath. Apparently, Ryan subsequently began to cry and shake before managing to compose herself and head off to the human resources office. On her way she was then confronted by security staff who proceeded to question her before escorting her off the property.
Furthermore, not only was Kelle Ryan fired for tampering and damaging casino property, but she was denied unemployment pay by the casino who claimed Kelle was fired for misconduct.

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Frankie Muhammad said...

I'm a advocate of hidden cameras. I think business need hidden cameras to protect their property and there employees. However, even if its a business there is still a reasonable expectation of privacy in some place. I would say the dressing room has a reasonable expectation of privacy. I think the complainants rights was violated.