Saturday, November 12, 2011

Suspicious wife causes bomb scare after bugging husband's car

Note: Don't try this at home...;-)  ~JDL
 A suspicious wife's attempt to prove her husband was having an affair backfired spectacularly when a tracking device fitted to his car was mistaken for a bomb.
Diletta Bianchini had employed a private detective after her husband William Sachiti began working unusual hours.
Unbeknown to her the investigator fixed a tracker, roughly the size of a cigarette packet, to the petrol tank of Mr Sachiti's £40,000 silver Lexus using magnets.
And when the husband - a security consultant and entrepreneur - spotted the device flashing he feared the worst.
He rushed to alert police, who blocked off a busy high street, evacuated a coffee shop and scrambled the bomb squad, fire engines and ambulances.
Mr Sachiti, who as an entrepreneur once appeared on BBC programme Dragons' Den, said: "When I first saw the device it was after I had my car washed. It was in Morrisons' car park. At first I didn't know what to do.
"I called a friend and they were concerned it could be something dangerous.


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