Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wagner students discover hidden camera; JROTC instructor accused

A Wagner High School Junior ROTC instructor has been accused of taking inappropriate photos of students.

The Junior ROTC instructor was placed on administrative leave after a recording device was found in a supply room where students sometimes change their clothing.

They say one of the female students was actually recorded doing just that. Her family has been notified, and if they choose to press criminal charges, it's possible the instructor could face legal punishment.

Officials at Judson ISD say the recording device was discovered by other students at Wagner High School. Those students turned it over to the proper authorities.

"It's a small recording device, and they actually thought that it was a flash drive. It looks very similar to that. When they discovered there were some questionable images, some video images, they immediately turned it over to their ROTC instructor, who then turned it over to the principal at Wagner," says Judson ISD spokesperson Aubrey Chancellor.


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