Thursday, May 26, 2011

Smart Phone Spy Software

Beware of the "Stealth Genie"....
From the manufacturers website:

Stealth Genie is a monitoring software which is easy to install and use for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile smart phones. The software is very feature rich and takes less than a minute to install. It is also 100% undetectable. All you have to do is install the software on to the mobile phone of the person you wish to monitor and our product does the rest.

Stealth Genie works in the background on a phone without disrupting its functionality. It allows you to track your employees and the delivery staff out in the field through its geo location feature (GPS). Through this software you can listen in to their calls, read their messages, emails and record their surroundings. You can also access their contacts, memo’s and appointment books. Our software enables you to see videos, pictures and internet browsing history on your subjects’ mobile phone as well.

Be aware...Stay tuned..JDL


Anonymous said...

So, how do you tell if the software is on your phone? I can believe companies do this but you have to be able to see it running. Not that youre trying to spread paranoia or anything, but a warning with no symptoms and no solutions? Come on...

J.D. LeaSure, President / CEO ComSec LLc said...

Don't kill the messenger my friend! It's my job to warn you of the's yours to prevent it from happening in the first place...
But here are a few tips:
1. Password protect your smartphone.
2. Keep it in your physical possession at all times.
3. If it's a "company phone" assume it's monitored and leave it in your vehicle or take the battery out (if possible) when at home.
4. Buy a pay as you go "track phone" (without a sim card if possible) This type of cell phone does not have enough memory to run a spyware program.
5. Do Not use blue tooth.
Implement the above protocols and your conversations will be relatively secure...;) JDL said...

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