Saturday, April 23, 2011

Candidate Catches Hidden Camera

Jessica Tetreau is outraged.

She’s a candidate for Brownsville City Commissioner District Two.

She’s also a mother, afraid a surveillance camera is spying on her and her children.

Tetreau discovered the camera Friday.

It’s hidden inside the broken window of a neighbor’s home, pointing at the house of her estranged husband.

Tetreau is separated from her husband, but says she still spends a lot of time at his home.

“This is a very well known area where children play,” said Tetreau.

Tetreau said the discovery of the camera confirmed her fear that she and her children were being watched.

"I had already seen a man taking pictures of my children,” said Tetreau.

Whether the camera is an attempt to sabotage Tetreau, she said she doesn't know.

"It would be very disgusting and disturbing if that's why it was set up,” said Tetreau.

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