Thursday, March 17, 2011

Protecting critical information assets from industrial espionage
Organisations have been the target of electronic espionage for as long as information has been held in data format. As business becomes dependent on technology to process, store, transmit and manage information, electronic forms of espionage have sky rocketed. People will always be the weakest link in the battle to protect corporate information and data from attackers.

As the capabilities of security technology improve, hackers are now targeting individuals to get at the electronic information they want – this raises an intriguing mix of problems and issues for today’s corporate security managers

Attacks on businesses are increasingly being committed with a similar modus operandi to corporate espionage carried out by foreign states and state sponsored attackers. With the emergence of global markets and global competition, businesses are now the target of espionage, carried out by competing businesses, states or state-sponsored businesses.


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