Monday, February 7, 2011

'We Know Where You Are' Technology

Beware of that smartphone in your hand: It might be telling more about you than you'd like.

While a smartphone has become a communications must-have, offering services such as GPS location, Internet access and more, it's also gathering information about you -- data being marketed by your cellular provider to advertisers and other commercial services.

And that fact came as a shock to most consumers contacted by, who had no idea their cell phone was anything but private.

“I feel violated, that they sell my information without me knowing," said Rupert Prout of Fresno, Calif. "I feel that they shouldn’t have the power and ability to do that.”

“I don’t love the idea of people selling information about me, trying to manipulate what I do in order to make a profit,” agreed Michaela Crib of Fresno, Calif.


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