Sunday, January 2, 2011

Apple and Developers Sued Over Alleged 'Spying' Apps
Apple and several developers are facing two separate lawsuits filed for allegedly allowing apps on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to gather information on users and allowing third-party advertisers access to personal information. The collection and unauthorized sharing of private user data was the subject of the first lawsuit, Freeman vs. Apple, filed in northern California federal court, which targets such applications as Pandora,, the Weather Channel, Toss It, Text4Plus, Talking Tom Cat and Pimple Popper Lite.

The second lawsuit, Lalo vs. Apple, filed in Federal court in San Jose, CA, seeks a class-action status for anyone who has downloaded an allegedly offending app between December 2008 and last week. Lalo vs. Apple targets Pandora, Paper Toss, the Weather Channel and Apple wasn't the only party sued. The developers who made the aforementioned applications were also named in the lawsuits.

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