Friday, November 12, 2010

Mobile phones can be turned into mobile bugging devices
According to MWR InfoSecurity, at least two mobile phones that are being sold around the world are capable of being turned into Mobile bugging devices. The company says that most mobile phones are open to immediate cyber attack and network providers are doing little to help.

Recently MWR InfoSecurity alerted users worldwide that the Palm Pre mobile phone could be used as a bugging device without the user’s knowledge, and that phones using the Google Android system could be easily interrogated for passwords. They have now discovered that a HTC phone can be also be compromised and used as a remote bugging device.

“Mobile phone users globally are open to exactly the same risks as a user of a poorly secured desktop computer” said Nils (Principal Information Security Researcher at MWR InfoSecurity). The more we test these phones the more security flaws we are finding. It’s not just the manufacturers that are to blame it is also the mobile network providers who are not doing enough to protect their customers”



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