Friday, September 3, 2010

Cell phone spying: James Bond cool or cyberstalking tool?
Security researchers masked as hackers have begun to show the world the many vulnerabilities in smart phones. MWR InfoSecurity recently cooked up a Palm Pre bug which allowed them to turn the Pre into a James Bond-like device. According to Belfast Telegraph, MWR also discovered a flaw in Google's Android phone that would allow attackers to collect all the information stored in the phone's browser, such as browser history, passwords and usernames.

In the coming years, more vulnerabilities will be discovered by security researchers and hackers. Phones may be used to conduct espionage or personal blackmail. Yet it does not take a hacker to turn your smartphone against you or to spy on you. These spy gadget "tools" have been around for years. They could be used by bosses or by a suspicious significant other.


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