Saturday, September 4, 2010

'Bug' found in deputy chief's office, but who planted it?
The angst and turmoil within the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reached a new level Friday when it was revealed that someone -- and it's not clear who -- has been spying on a deputy police chief.An audio and video recording device -- a bug -- was found in the third-floor office of IMPD Deputy Chief William Benjamin after he ordered a sweep that was conducted Thursday night or Friday morning.

It was unclear what prompted Benjamin to request the sweep; Benjamin did not return a phone call from The Indianapolis Star. And it also remained a mystery who planted the bug -- though some were quick to insist they had nothing to do with it.Amid the disquiet already swirling in the department because of several internal investigations, Chief Paul Ciesielski immediately denied he was spying on one of his own -- before announcing yet another internal probe to get to the bottom of who had placed the device in Benjamin's office.


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