Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wireless Covert Cigarette Microphone

From the mfg's website:

Tiny audio transmitter is hidden in bottom of pack, leaving room for over 10 full size cigarettes

  • Wireless covert cigarette microphone features crystal controlled frequencies set from 150 to 174 MHz
  • Mirophone has 200mW output power and “listens” from a 1mm hole found in the bottom of the cigarette pack
  • Wireless microphone features up to 1 mile line of sight range with standard receiver and up to 1 day run time

The wireless covert cigarette microphone is incredibly stealthy, with a tiny audio transmitter hidden in the bottom of the pack, allowing slightly shortened cigarettes to fit inside the pack for a complete, nearly undetectable disguise. Most popular brands are available, and your preferred brand may be selected upon purchase.

Your mom told you smoking was bad for you!

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