Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spy Clock helps you keep tabs at home

Are you suspicious that the tap at home keeps on leaking, and the handyman who drops by is beefier than Mr. America? Well, you might want to make sure the missus isn’t two-timing you behind your back then with the help of the £79.99 Spy Clock (surely that is much cheaper than hiring a private investigator, although a device such as a Spy Clock certainly needs a whole lot more providence to catch someone in the act). This might just be one of the smartest spy gadgets around, looking pretty classy to be placed anywhere in your home while holding an almost-invisible video camera with a motion and sound detector, ready at any opportunity to snap a photo which might lead to incriminating evidence. If its 4GB capacity isn’t up to your liking, you can always expand it further with another microSD memory card. All photos can be transferred over to your computer when no one’s looking via USB.

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