Thursday, May 13, 2010

Espionage Expo-sed

IS industrial espionage something to worry about on a business trip? That obviously depends where you're going. Homeland Security Newswire (HSNW), not a government website, but a news service in "the business of homeland security", has concerns about China, and offered some advice last week to anyone thinking of visiting Shanghai's World Expo. Leave your laptop at home (to avoid it being compromised); carry a disposable mobile phone (for the same reason); and beware agents of foreign powers (ie, China) on the look-out for new recruits.

China will stop at nothing to steal trade secrets (Russia is also singled out)—witness a 2008 US intelligence report, whose authority Fox backs up with mostly anonymous comments from American officials past and present. Businessmen foolhardy enough to bring their own electronic devices run the risk of electronic bugging by hotel staff. "A hotel maid could simply install a file on a guest’s computer.


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