Saturday, April 17, 2010

Professor pervert: Lecturer used hidden camera to spy on female students as they showered

A university lecturer planted a camera in a bathroom air freshener so he could spy on students as they showered.

Paul Hwang, who has taught and studied at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, hid the digital camera in the house he was renting out to six women.

Yesterday the 33-year-old's illustrious teaching career was in ruins after he pleaded guilty to voyeurism.

The married academic was teaching business studies at Birmingham's University College when he installed the camera.

One tenant discovered the device after noticing that an Air Wicks freshener appeared to be 'swinging from side to side' from a gap in the wall in October last year.

Later that day she noticed the freshener, which was directed at the shower cubicle, had gone.

A few days later it reappeared. When the woman took it apart, she was 'shocked and disgusted' to discover a digital camera connected to a battery inside, the court heard.


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