Sunday, April 25, 2010

Former Misiones judge arrested over illegal wiretapping case

Fomer Misiones judge Horacio Gallardo was arrested in a Posadas clinic by orders of Federal Judge Norberto Oyarbide, who had ordered for his detention along with other former magistrate, Luis Rey, who remains at large, in the case investigating illegal wiretappings on Sergio Burestein and Carlos Avila.

Gallardo is accused of authorizing an illegal wiretappings on businessman Carlos Avila and a on man related to AMIA victims, Sergio Burestein.

Despite being arrested, he remains hospitalized in a private clinic in Posadas due to health problems, judicial sources said.

Former José Luis Rey, whose home was recently raided by the police, remains at large.

Federal Judge Norberto Oyarbide had ordered for their arrest after he charged them with authorizing the wiretapping.


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