Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Corporate espionage may be all about the money
The business of trading in corporate secrets is bigger and more lucrative than ever, a Forrester study commissioned by Microsoft, RSA and EMC has found, with tech companies in particular targeted for theft.

Most people associate espionage with war and politics. In the tech-centric 21st century, the trading of secrets for cash is where the game is at and most enterprises are overly focused on compliance and not enough on protecting their secrets.

The study, which centered on 305 in-depth surveys with IT security decision makers, found that corporate secrets include product plans, earnings forecasts and trade secrets. Custodial data including customer, medical and payment card information becomes “toxic” when spilled or stolen.

Secrets comprise two-thirds of the value of firms’ information portfolios. Proprietary knowledge and company secrets are considered twice as valuable as the custodial data and are targets for theft.