Monday, February 1, 2010

BBC producer secretly filmed himself in bed with TV and radio presenters by hiding camera in smoke alarm
A womanizing BBC producer faces jail for secretly taping a series of sexual liaisons with more than ten lovers using a hidden camera in his bedroom.

Benjamin Wilkins hid the CCTV device in a smoke alarm to tape his amorous encounters with a succession of women that he lured back to his flat.

He was caught when his girlfriend – and mother of his child – discovered a box of
DVDs hidden in his loft and called the police.

The scandal has left former colleagues, friends and lovers shocked and disgusted by the actions of the ‘well-liked and trusted’ 36-year-old Wilkins.

Many of the women Wilkins seduced hold senior positions in television and
radio – both presenting and in production roles – but cannot be named for legal

A BBC insider said: ‘None of these women would have agreed to having sex with him if they had known he was violating their privacy, taping them with a hidden camera. We are sickened.’

Wilkins also used another miniature camera to record his partners
when they went to use the bathroom at his former flat in Brixton, South London.

He was also found to have stored secret footage of his sexual encounters – which took place over three years – on a home computer.


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