Friday, January 1, 2010

Kingston's Secure USB Drive, Hackable...

Kingston Technology admits "It has recently been brought to our attention that a skilled person with the proper tools and physical access to the drives may be able to gain unauthorized access to data contained on the following Kingston Secure USB drives:
  • DataTraveler BlackBox (DTBB)
  • DataTraveler Secure – Privacy Edition (DTSP)
  • DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition (DTEP)
Kingston says; It is important to note that the following Kingston Secure USB drives are NOT AFFECTED:
  • DataTraveler Locker (DTL)
  • DataTraveler Locker+ (DTL+)
  • DataTraveler Vault (DTV)
  • DataTraveler Vault – Privacy Edition (DTVP)
  • DataTraveler Elite (DTE)
  • DataTraveler Secure (DTS) 
 Kingston has recommended that users return their drives to get a "factory update". Before sending your DataTraveler back to Kingston, please make sure you backup the data and then delete the contents of the drive. Once we receive your drive and apply the factory update process, any data still on the drive will be deleted.


SanDisk said...

Cool! I wonder how it’s going to work with secure USB flash drives do you think it will have any effect?

rax said...

hi,it is very informative. thanx.Secure USB