Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spy Pix 1.0 for iPhone - Hide Secret Messages in Plain View

Spy Pix is an essential tool for any spy who wants to hide and send secret messages in plain view.

Maybe you’re an international spy who needs to send a covert message to a fellow operative. Or you’ve just infiltrated enemy headquarters and need to transmit top secret plans. Or perhaps you have an embarrassing photo of your friend that you want to hide in plain view.

Spy Pix uses steganography, which comes from the Greek words steganos (”covered”) and graptos (”writing”), to hide one image inside of another decoy image. To a casual viewer, only the decoy image is seen. However, for a seasoned spy, the image can be decoded with Spy Pix to reveal the hidden message.


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Kobi said...

For steganography lovers.. or anyone that liked that app, take a look at PrivateTIP (on app store). They have an amazing solution with cool artwork.