Friday, December 4, 2009

Peeping Tom Busted by His Own Spy-Cam

Modern technology might be making life easier for some, but it flat-out perplexes many people, including one Elgin criminal.

Miguel Bribiescas, 25, admitted to placing a pen-size spy-camera in a unisex employee bathroom at Ridgefield Industries Inc. According to authorities, the camera did record one female employee without her permission before someone discovered the device on July 31 and turned it over to police.

But when police watched the video, the very first recorded scenes were of Bribiescas looking into the lens and trying to figure out his own camera. In fact, most of the recorded footage was of the confused criminal handling the device.

It's likely that if he was dumb enough to attempt this perverted crime, he probably wasn't smart enough to read the camera's manual first.


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