Friday, November 20, 2009

Employees: Boss asks county workers to spy on his wife
COUNTY: A Charlotte County worker is in trouble after serious allegations surfaced regarding him allegedly spying on his wife during their divorce.

It was a letter that sparked an investigation into Donny Bernhagen, the 24-year veteran who works in the Charlotte County Environmental and Extension Services Department.

“Allegations were made that he used county resources on county time for personal business,” said Bernhagen’s boss Jim Thompson.

The letter, signed by employees, claims that Bernhagen used a county system to track his wife - including her finances and whereabouts.

It then goes on to say that Bernhagen used his “position of authority to have two of his employees check up on his wife.”

According to the letter, some of the employees accused Bernhagen of forcing them to follow his wife around town to see if she's at work or the doctor's office.


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