Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crooks set sights on bank ATMs

Crooks set sights on bank ATMs Stop and look before inserting your card into an ATM machine.

Crooks have been tampering with automated teller machines around the world -- and in Virginia, striking last summer in Hampton Roads and leaving behind 100 victims including those from Richmond and Chesterfield County.

The victims were robbed of about $500,000, according to the Secret Service in Richmond. An investigation is ongoing.

Globally, thieves walk off with billions of dollars of other people's money after skimming ATM card information and then withdrawing cash or going on shopping sprees, law-enforcement agencies say.

Don't let thieves walk away with your hard-earned dollars.

Here's how the con artists operate and what to look for the next time you're ready to use an ATM:


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