Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cell Phone Spying
MADISON COUNTY, AL - Our cell phones are our life lines these days. They're as much a part of our wardrobes as the clothes we wear. When we forget them we feel naked. However, a Taking Action Consumer Investigation will make you realize just how vulnerable you and your private information are.

Most of us are on our cell phones all the time. Talking, texting and taking care of business.

Think about the private conversations and information you share over your cell phone. And now imagine someone listening in without you knowing it.

It might be the ultimate invasion of privacy.

In this fast paced world who doesn't have a cell phone! You use it just about everywhere you go. even when you're at work.

"As long as my boss ain't watching," jokingly says Keith McLaglen.

Cell phones are a universal connection to our family and friends around the world!

But how private are your conversations?


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