Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spy cams easier to get than you think
NDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A Muncie man is in trouble for allegedly installing a hidden camera in a woman's bedroom.

David Keller, 66, is a Muncie home builder and now, an accused voyeur.

Police said Keller put a hidden camera in the home of a woman for whom he had done some electrical work.

She told police she found the camera on her bedroom door.

Indianapolis private investigator Tim Wilcox showed 24-Hour News 8 a variety of cameras disguised as things like packs of gum and tennis shoes.

He showed 24-Hour News 8 cameras so little, they can fit in just about anywhere.

One is the size of his pinky fingernail. They're tiny, and they're affordable.

"The cost on a camera like this would range anywhere from $75 to $300," Wilcox said. "Depending on the resolution quality and all that."

And it's easy to find. Just look on the Internet.

"The capability of perverts and voyeurs to access this technology is unlimited," said Wilcox.


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