Saturday, October 10, 2009

HSBC banker began affair 'after bugging wife's sexy chats'
A millionaire banker accused of murdering his wife told a court yesterday how he was driven to having an affair with an old friend after listening to secretly recorded sexual conversations between his wife and their children’s tennis coach.

Neil Ellerbeck said he hid a dictaphone on a shelf in the study of the family home to check up on his wife, Kate, after finding "flirty" text messages on her phone.

The Old Bailey heard that before her death in November last year, he believed she was having affairs with three different lovers and was "afraid" of a divorce and the break up of their young family. After hearing his wife engage in "explicit" conversations he himself turned to a former lover, the 46-year-old HSBC executive admitted.

Mr Ellerbeck denies murdering his wife during an argument in which she told him to move out of the family home. He is alleged to have strangled her to death and then gone to pick up their daughter from a school entrance examination before returning home and calling 999.


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