Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cyberattacks: Espionage now, sabotage soon

An analysis of recent cyberattacks on Korea and the US suggests that the nations with advanced digital sabotage capabilities have, so far, kept them in check... but it also says that we're only a few years from this technology filtering down to non-state actors.

In April 2009, the US National Academies of Science suggested that it was time for the US to get serious about cyberwarfare, setting official policy for its offensive use and spearheading the development of international norms governing its deployment. Less than three months later, the US and Korea were each hit by a series of network-based attacks that are thought to have originated in North Korea.

An analysis of these attacks has now concluded that their relative lack of sophistication reinforces the conclusion that only major nations have advanced cyberwarfare capabilities, but warns that this situation will only last for a few more years.


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