Monday, September 21, 2009

ICE performs undercover operations with help from satellite tracking devices
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unit of DHS is planning to award a $39,800 sole source contract to a small Maryland engineering company to provide 10 “satellite data recorder trackers,” for its undercover operations, but the tight-lipped agency says, “Public disclosure of the nature and purpose of this requirement could jeopardize ICE officers in the execution of their investigative duties.”

In a “Justification and Approval” document it released on September 15, ICE explains why it decided to award a sole source contract to Eastcor Engineering LLC, of Easton, MD, a young company with only a handful of employees, but specifically did not explain how the 10 satellite data recorder trackers would be used or what types of data they would be monitoring.

Eastcor Engineering also does business as Advanced Technology Solutions, or ATS, which is also based in Easton, MD, says the ICE notice.

“ATS is a leading supplier of tracking systems for Government and military use in gathering vital intelligence to support their operations in combating terrorism, organized crime and undercover operations,” says ICE.


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