Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chevron: Tapes Show Bias in Ecuador Case
It's the kind of blockbuster plot twist normally reserved for the movies. Oil giant Chevron (CVX), enduring a barrage of negative publicity from a $27 billion environmental class-action lawsuit filed in Ecuador, unveiled a series of secretly recorded videos that suggests the judge in the case has already decided to rule against Chevron and is scheming with representatives of the ruling party of Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa to collect a $3 million bribe from a company purportedly angling to win some of the cleanup business.

The videos and transcripts in English and Spanish were posted on Chevron's Web site on Aug. 31. Chevron said it has referred the evidence to the prosecutor general in Quito and the U.S. Justice Dept. in Washington. The company is asking that Ecuadorean Judge Juan Nuez be dismissed and all his prior rulings disqualified. "No judge who has participated in meetings of the type shown on these tapes could possibly deliver a legitimate decision," said Chevron's former general counsel and now Executive Vice-President Charles James.


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Anna Kay said...

Chevron has been using all kinds of sordid tactics to delay the outcome of this lawsuit and those tapes are a part of a phony setup orchestrated by Chevron. . This contractor has worked with Chevron on matters related to this lawsuit so it’s hard to believe that Chevron had nothing to do with the recordings as it claims. If those tapes were not fabricated, why wait so long before taking them to the authorities, better yet-media, so conveniently right before the judge expected to issue his ruling? What business did those two men have doing it; if they were not paid by Chevron?