Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Banker ‘strangled wife after bugging calls to her tennis coach lover’
Neil Ellerbeck killed her because he was convinced she would leave him and cost him all his hard work and riches, the jury was told.

At 46, Ellerbeck was chief investment manager of HSBC, had a beautiful wife, expensive house and two talented children.

But the marriage had been deeply unhappy for years and he was obsessively jealous of wife, Kate, who had had sex not just with the tennis coach but also an old school friend, the jury heard.

Despite his jealousy, Ellerbeck, too, had been having an affair for seven years. He bugged hours of his wife's telephone calls and hid large amounts of money from her in case divorce proved inevitable.

Mrs Ellerbeck, 45, was also convinced that her husband had bugged her car and police later found gadgets in his office capable of spying on her emails and text messages.

Finally his suspicions and jealousies culminated in a violent argument in November last year and he strangled her in their Enfield home with up to 30 seconds of “sustained pressure on her neck,” the court heard


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