Saturday, August 29, 2009

Skype Wiretapping Trojan Publicly Released

The Swiss creator of a Skype Trojan that can intercept calls made using the VoIP program has released the Trojan's source code online in an attempt to allow for its widespread detection.

In a translated interview with, Ruben Unteregger says that with the Trojan's publication, "it will get analysed... signature patterns will be created by antivirus companies, the malware will be detected, blocked and deleted, if it tries to infect a system."

Previous reports from the IDG News Service tied the in-development Skype Trojan to the Swiss Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, which reportedly hired Unteregger's company to create the digital wiretap.

The Trojan works by recording calls on an infected PC before they're encrypted and sent across the network, according to a new story from IDG's John Dunn. The recorded mp3's could then be sent off to the Trojan's distributor for analysis.


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Rash said...


The information about the Skype wiretapping is very interesting.

From this wiretapping we can avoid the terrorism activities which are made by the people around the world.