Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Safend CEO Offers Up Answer to Recent Corporate Espionage Infiltration in Israel

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 06/03/05 -- As last weekend's barrage of corporate espionage attacks on confidential data throughout Israel was underway, another Israeli company was wishing it were more involved. But then again, had Safend indeed been more involved in securing these company's end points, this fiasco might never have happened. Today, Safend Chief Executive Officer Gil Server went public with the company's position on the attacks, and offered its free USB Auditor to every Chief Information Officer in a corporate environment.

"Blame for the dissemination of these Trojan Horses has been tossed at a lack of Internet security or a lack of morals," said Gil Server, Safend CEO. "A lack of morals certainly was at play, but it is now clear that the Trojans were introduced via physical means -- not downloaded through the Internet. The easiest way to proliferate large files such as these Trojan Horses is by physical means, such as inserting a USB drive or CD into any company computer. This way, any visitor, any janitor can gain easy access to confidential corporate information.


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